Large Red Bowl

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M'aanta Peruvian Handcrafted Art. Large Red Bowl. Lima, Peru.

Size: 17 inches.

M’aanta Peruvian Handcrafted Art is a company that specializes in the sale of fine wooden products embellished with woven fabrics and silver; modern Peruvian handicrafts that are both decorative and useful. The company’s products have the seal of Peru, the country brand. M’aanta seeks to maintain the ancestral weaving technique of the Andean communities of Peru, which has passed from generation to generation for thousands of thousands of years. It strives to promote the conservation of these ancient weaving techniques in Peru. M’aanta sells a piece of the ancient culture of Peru. The textiles they use as their key component are made through a cultural craftsmanship that is vanishing due to new generations of Andean communities that no longer knit as they did before; plus the market prioritizes the price of industrial fabric (synthetic) over the value of the ancient technique of this millennial culture. The market has accepted this synthetic fabric as a replacement product, dismissing the importance of value in the original technique that is not only 100% natural, of the highest quality, and made by hand; it is what captures the roots of an ancient culture. The company seeks to promote the preservation of this technique because it is part of the cultural heritage of Peruvians.

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