About Afro-Mexican Folk Art

Costa Chica, in the southern coast of Mexico, is recognized for isolated communities of direct African descent dating back three centuries and which to this date still celebrate customs, festivals, foods and dance unique to this region and unknown to many, even within Mexico.

A Folk Art movement based expressing the Afro-Mexican experience in art evolved. The Cimarron’s, as they became known, were the young artists from the various communities of the region, many just 13-15 years old, that received art training in painting, wood engravings and sculpture. Their works depicted the centuries of history from the early African experience to the current daily life of the agricultural workers and fishermen, recording the festivals and rituals of the region in a way never captured before. 

Mercado369 is proud to be the first to have assembled an extensive collection of Afro-Mexican Folk Art directly from the region.

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