We Are Horses Too

We Are Horses Too

German Venegas

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German Venegas. We Are Horses Too - (También somos Caballos). Puebla, Mexico. Technique: Bronze Sculpture. Weight: 7.8 lbs., height: 12 in., length: 24 in. width: 6 in.

Venegas was born in 1959 in La Magdalena Tlatlauquitepec, State of Puebla. He presented his first solo exhibition in 1984. Shortly before his formal training as an artist, his craftsmanship as a carver was developed. He was widely recognized as one of the most outstanding representatives of the generation of artists during the eighties who broke out with great force onto the national cultural scene. As part of the Neomexicanista artistic movement, he combined the techniques of wood carving and painting in many of its early works. He received the award of acquisition in the 3rd National Meeting of Young Artists in 1983 and was a fellow of FONCA four times in two different categories in 2000, 2001, 2004 and 2010, among gaining other distinctions. His work has been exhibited in Mexico and abroad (USA, Japan, Spain, Guatemala, Brazil, Germany, Ecuador, Australia, Cuba, Italy and France).

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