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Casa TANE. Silver Necklace. CDMX, Mexico. 22 inch. 

First established in 1942, TANE is a luxury brand that attained cult status in the 1960s. Since then, the brand's values and products, from jewelry to objects and items from Casa TANE have become synonymous with exclusivity, as well representative of the excellence and beauty of Mexican design. Meticulously designed, developed, and artisanally produced in-house by the company's specialized and passionate craftsmen and women, TANE has flourished as a company at both national and international levels.  Prior and current clients of the brand include world-famous celebrities such as Jackie Kennedy, Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Deneuve, Maria Felix, Eva Longoria, Hillary Clinton, Paul Newman, Oscar de la Renta, Paul McCartney, as well as international royalty. Today, TANE owns and operates a network of more than 25 stores across the country, including its spectacular flagship in Mexico City's affluent Polanco neighborhood, stores at The Four Seasons and Intercontinental hotel, as well as various boutiques inside the iconic Palacio de Hierro department stores.


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