Deer Man

Deer Man

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Isabel Sanchez. Deer Man - (Hombre Venado). Oaxaca, Mexico. Technique: Sculpture in High Temperature Ceramic. Height: 19.68 in., length: 11.02 in., width: 1.57 in. 

Isabel Sánchez's art explores the relationship between the body and matter both sensually and physically, using ceramics, putting the limits of the body in a constant game between the imaginary and the fictions that the subconscious derives. With more than 10 years working with ceramics, she has participated in various individual and collective exhibitions. Her experience and expertise with ceramics has led her to carry out various collaborations with artists, as well as other media such as dance and theater.

This piece is related with The Dance of The Deer which is a traditional folk dance reflecting the early traditions and culture of Mexico. The dancers portray the characters of hunters and deer. Costumes in the deer dance are elaborate, with large masks being worn throughout the performance. The dancer who performs the deer wears an intricate headdress and moves and jumps in deer like motions. Hunters wear bells and wooden masks. The Dance of the Deer is meaningful to the Mexican culture because the deer was at one time a main source of food in the area.

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