Portrait of Lupe Marin

Portrait of Lupe Marin

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Ignacio Asúnsolo. Lupe Marin's Portrait - (Retrato de Lupe Marin). Technique: Bronze Sculpture with Wood Base. Signed. Weight: 24.2 lbs., height: 21.5 in., length:10 in. width: 9.5 in.

Lupe Marin was Diego Rivera's first wife.

Asúnsolo is a Mexican sculptor born in Durango on March 15th, 1890 and died in Mexico City on December 21st, 1965. From an early age Ignacio had a facility for drawing and sculpture. At six years of age he began modeling little birds in clay in addition to other figures in wax, imitating the work of his mother, who also did it with great skill.

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