Guillermo Meza - Offering

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Guillermo Meza. Offering -(Ofrenda). Mexico. Signed, date 87, and with a monogram.

Technique: Pastel on Paper.

Size: 37 x 31 inches. Framed and Acrylic Plexiglass. 

Meza was a Mexican painter, known for his oils depicting fantastic backgrounds and often distorted human figures, generally with denunciations of society. He was born to a Tlaxcalteca indigenous father of modest means, but his parents had interest in the arts, history and literature. Meza showed interest in art and music in his youth, studying painting with Santos Balmori. Later, he approached Diego Rivera to look for an apprenticeship, but instead, the painter recommended him to the prestigious Galería de Arte Mexicana, which helped him develop as an artist as well as promoted his work for twenty years. Meza won various awards for his work during his career and was also granted membership in the Salón de la Plástica Mexicana.

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