Ceramic Mask

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Luis Castillo and Marcelo Guzman. Grey/White Ceramic Mask with Wood Base. Cordoba, Argentina.

Weight: 16.8 lbs., height: 25 in., length: 17 in. width: 10 in.

The GC ceramic workshop, owned by Marcelo Guzman and Luis Alberto Castillo Chapiama, from the town of Agua de Oro, Cordoba Province, Argentina, won the Miguel Carlos Sahade 2017 Crafts Acquisition Grand Prize at the International Crafts Fair, which took place in April 6 to 16, held at the Cordoba Fair Complex. The award was awarded for their work in ornamental ceramics, more precisely an indigenous mortuary mask, which they exhibited along with other pieces that they made, such as paintings and decorative ornaments. The winning piece became part of the collection of the Ibero-American Museum of Handicrafts that operates permanently on the Paseo de Las Artes de Cordoba.

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