Juan De La Cruz -Huichol Beaded Jaguar Head

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Juan De La Cruz. Huichol Beaded Jaguar Head. Sierra Madre, Jalisco. Mexico. Signed by the artist.

Materials: Glass beads, beeswax and wood.

Weight: 2.5 lbs., height: 6 1/2 in., length: 7 1/2 in. width: 7 1/2 in.

This is an authentic Huichol Mexican Folk art piece crafted by indigenous people also known as Huichol. Huichol are famous for their beaded artwork and yarn paintings. This beaded sculpture is an outstanding display of geometry and creativity. It shows the peyote symbol at the center with star shape at the borders. Candles are typically displayed at the center of the piece for very important ceremonial activities of the Huichol people where they consume peyote to acquire the vision that allows them to communicate with the gods and create pieces like this. They use the candles as an offering during their pilgrimages to their sacred places. Some other sacred animals and figures such as deer, snakes, corn and votive feathers are displayed on their pieces. It is made of beads mounted on a base of beeswax on a plywood board. Completing these pieces takes great patience, lots of talent and a centennial knowledge that is transmitted with love from one generation to the next.

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