Omar Hernandez Large Skull Holder

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Omar Hernandez. Large Skull Holder. Oaxaca, Mexico. Weight: 2 lbs., height: 4,5 in., width: 4.5 in.

Omar Hernandez is a ceramist who has a gallery in the Historic Center of the city of Oaxaca, Mexico. In that space we can appreciate the diversity of objects made from clay; all, with a meticulous work that denotes the textures, figures and colors. Omar uses natural colors and different oxides, cobalt, iron, copper, but all shades depend on temperature, oxygen and the elements. The textures, he points out, are something that fascinates him, because they give the impression of breaking with the perfection of a piece. Omar Hernández works several options in ceramics: Decorative pieces: like spheres. Utilitarian objects: cups, plates, bottles, containers for the presentation of mezcal. Sculptures and paintings and Jewelry. 

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