Ceramic Lizard Vase

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Familia Solis Hernandez. Burnished Ceramic Lizard Vase. Michoacan, Mexico. Signed by the artist.

Weight: 10.8 lbs. Height: 17 in., width: 10 in.

The Familia Solis Hernandez ceramics workshop is located in Zinapecuaro, a small village inside of the state of Michoacan. Martin who is the father, and Fernando, his son, have earned many awards and national recognition for their refined sense of aesthetics and discernment in shapes and color. Their one-of-a-kind museum quality ceramic art is fired at a medium temperature to enhance negative design detail, a process that requires extra firing to create the desired texture and focus. This technique is known as burnished, which is involves polishing the clay with the use of many tools and raw materials to achieve a bright, fine sheen. Both artists are highly regarded ceramic teachers who concentrate on the preservation of their techniques and the replication of Purepecha culture artifacts from the region where they live.



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