Xibalba Canoe

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Excellent quality design, hand carved by Mexican artisans from Chiapas, Mexico.

Made with Cedar Wood. Weight: 25 lb., Height: 14 in., Length: 39 in., Width: 11 in.

Hand-carved wooden canoe with a Maya God on his way to the underworld, Xibalba. The death voyage of a Maya King. The original bone carving discovered in the tomb of ruler King Moon Double Comb in Tikal, Guatemala. As shown in the original carving Double Comb in the center is being taken to the underworld in a canoe guided by the paddler twins who are often seen in the Mayan mythology. Other figures are, an iguana, a monkey, a parrot, and a dog. Another carving discovered shows the canoe slipping beneath the waves, symbolizing the death for Double Comb. 

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