Vicente Hernandez. Coffee Bean Vase Design. Oaxaca, Mexico.

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Vicente Hernandez.  Coffee Bean Vase Design. Oaxaca, Mexico. Orange background and brown coffee beans. Weight: 15 lbs., height: 14.5 in., length: 6 in. width: 6 in.

Hernandez is originally from Magdalena Jaltepec, in the Mixteca region of the state of Oaxaca. His parents emigrated to the city when he was 3 years old. Vicente started making pottery at the age of nine when he visited a workshop of pottery. At the age of 14, Vicente obtained the official title of turner. it was very special since it was not usual for a young man to obtain this title. Vicente founded his first workshop "Greca de Sol" with his family in 1998 and later co-founded the "Tierra Quemada Gallery" in 2003. He has been developing different types of pieces, both traditional and contemporary.

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