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Rudolph Castro. Circus. Lima, Peru.

Technique: Vegetable Charcoal on Paper.

Framed. Size: 25 x 27 1/2 inches. 

Born in 1982 in Lima, Peru. He lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina. If there are two things that characterize the creative process of visual artist Rudolph Castro, one is the sharp perception of presence – measurably and alive – of objects in the dimension of the everyday; the other is the direct and admirable nature of his intuition, the way it activates a weave of resonances -memories, desires, fantasies, fears-, which are immerse each of these objects into a person. With simplicity and depth, he has been able to transform the dark swirling of life into something manageable, to throw an unspectacular light on the real in the most basic sense, to make a clairvoyance emerge from the banal: a General’s uniform hanging in a closet is not equal to a hidden skeleton in the closet.


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