Modesto Aceves Waves of Heart

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Modesto Aceves. Caffeinated Waves of Heart. Dallas, TX. Technique: Coffee Grind Ink on Illustration Board. Size: 24 x 20 inches.

Modest started drawing since 3rd grade and especially on rainy days when he could not go out to play. Throughout his school years were always involved in the Art. Aceves even attended an Art School in Dallas during his junior year, but his senior year he ended back to Sunset to be a cartoonist for the School paper. After his graduation, Modesto went to a Jr. College Mt. View and took Fine Arts for a while, but then transferred to Brookhaven for Illustration Art. All that he wanted to be either an Art Director or an Illustrator. During that point in his life he knew something was missing. Art was a way to relax… to be his medication. He was so stressed out just hanging on the edge of a cliff. That is when he realized he needs art.

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