Pedro Cervantes

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Artist: Pedro Cervantes. Mexico. Title: No title Technique: Forged iron. weight: 18 lbs., height: 18.5 in., length: 19 in. width: 6.75 in.

Pedro Miguel de Cervantes Salvadores was born in Mexico City, on October 2nd, 1933, growing up in the Colonia Roma neighborhood with eleven sisters. Since childhood, he was fascinated by horses. His grandfather gave him a horseshoe when he was seven and since he could not have a horse, began modeling them from clay. This modeling led to drawing and an interest in art. He attended the Escuela de Artes Plasticas from 1950 to 1952 as a non matriculated student. Just after he left school, he went to live in the Valle del Yaqui in Sonora, fascinated by the structure of saguaro cactus. He lived in Cuajimalpa, where he had two horses. 

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