King Pakal Tombstone Jade Mask

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Detailed Folk Art - Wooden Carved "K'inich Janaab' Pakal - King Pakal" Tombstone - Jade Mask. Excellent quality design, hand carved by Mexican artisans from Chiapas, Mexico.

Made with Cedar Wood. Weight: 25 lb., Height: 39 1/2 in., Length: 19 1/2 in., Width: 10 in.

Unique and collectible piece of art inspired by the Mayan Culture. This incredible mask is a replica of Pakal's tombstone, in which is drawn the cosmic and existential view of the Mayan people. The Tomb of King Pakal is in the archeological zone of Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico. 

The carved edges of the sarcophagus lid narrate events from the life of Pakal and those of his royal forebears. The southern side records the date of his birth and the date of his death. The other sides mention several other lords of Palenque and the dates of their deaths. The northern side shows Pakal's parents, along with the dates of their deaths.

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