Little Houses

Little Houses

Rosendo Perez Pinacho

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Rosendo Perez Pinacho. Little Houses. Mexico. Signed and dated 2011. Sculpture carved in obsidian, unique piece. Weight: 19.4 lbs., height: 13 in., length:9.5 in. width: 1.5 in. Certificate included.

Rosendo Perez Pinacho was a constant traveler and a regular student of art. His favorite themes have to do with Mexican culture and its reflections, such as the duality of life and death, nature and everyday objects. In his work he proudly portrays the visual richness of the Zapotec land, because in this habitat he learned to observe, listen, touch and be in contact with flora and fauna. Therefore, part of his fantasy is nourished by animals such as armadillos, turtles, crabs, snails, etc.

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