Sergio Bustamante Harlequins III 30/100

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Sergio Bustamante. Harlequins III. 30/100. Jalisco, Mexico. Technique: Resin. Approximate Weight 7.0 lb, height: 25 in., length: 10 in. width: 14 in.

Sergio Bustamante is a Mexican artist best known for his depictions of animals and inventive humanoid creatures. Working in paper maché, wood, bronze, ceramic and silver, Bustamante’s sculptures are often painted or glazed, allowing him to bring even greater heights of imagination and surrealism to his creatures. Born in 1942 in Sinaloa, Mexico, he went on to study architecture at the University of Guadajara, leaving before he finished his degree in order to focus on craftmaking and fine art. Bustamante had his first exhibition at Galeria Misrachi in Mexico City in 1966, and continues to exhibit his work around the world. The artist lives and works in Mexico.

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