Nickolas Muray Frida Painting 'The Two Fridas' Photograph

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Nickolas Muray. Frida Painting " Two Fridas" (1892-1965) 1939, Gelatin Silver Print, paper size 16x16 inch, image size 12 1/4 x 12 1/4. Ed. 70/70. Frame Size: 21 x 21 1/2 inches.

Murray, was born into a Jewish family in Hungary in the year 1892. In 1913 at the age of 21 he emigrated to the United States where he became a renowned photographer, he died in New York City in 1965. From a young age Murray took fencing lessons and became a professional athlete representing the United States in various Olympics. in 1931 he began a love relationship with Frida Kahlo that lasted for 10 years, then remained good friends until her death in 1954.

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