Alebrije - Gerardo Ojeda Deer

Alebrije - Gerardo Ojeda Deer

Jacobo and Maria Angeles

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Gerardo Ojeda. Deer. Oaxaca, Mexico. Weight: 0.15 lbs., height: 6.5 in., length: 3 in. width: 2 in.

In their Workshop Encantos de Copal, Gerardo Ojeda and Teresa Fabián enjoy making a great variety of decorated animals, some like these pieces are a unique design of the workshop and they have been making it for 25 years. In his small zoo it is possible to see lions, penguins, coyotes, chickens, mice, fish, bulls, opossums and anyone else that Gerardo's imagination and hands can do, since he is the one who carves the figures while Teresa decorates them with patience and dedication.

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